Don’t Get Burned By Your AC This Summer

June is here so bring on the heat. Are you ready for the hot summer nights and even hotter blistering days? If you’re like us, we kinda like to keep cool with the AC blasting during those triple digit days.

So we are sending a friendly reminder for those of you who made the smart switch to solar: Don’t get burned by your AC this summer.

What do we mean? It is easy to think that now that your solar panels are up and running, you can use as much electricity as your heart desires and you will never hear about it from your electric company. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Remember that your solar system was sized to the amount of electricity you used on average. If you go crazy with your AC and run it more than you ever did before you went solar, you will most likely see some extra charges from your utility that month.

Always be sure to look at page 4 of your electric bill monthly. Only you are able to determine how much electricity you are consuming. This is a great way to keep track of where you stand all year long and not just on the month of your true up statement from the electric company.

Here are a few ideas to help you with your AC this summer:

  • Turn up the temperature a few degrees. You won’t really feel the difference, but your electricity use will drop. 78 degrees, or higher, is good to aim for. Every degree you go below 78, your energy use will go up 3-4%.
  • Fans help. Run a ceiling fan along with your AC, and you’ll feel cooler at higher temperatures. A fan takes 70 times less energy to run than an air conditioner.
  • When you head out to work, turn the AC temp up even higher to save energy while you’re gone. It takes less energy to cool your home down when you return than to keep it cool for hours while no one’s there.
  • Pulling shades to keep out the sun also helps.

We wish you a cool June filled with sun and fun.  Don’t forget to let your friends know how solar is helping you stay cool this summer.  Sunpro is ready to help!

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