Great Ideas From A Sunpro Customer

We recently received some great feedback from Richard, one of our customers who made the smart switch to solar in 2011.  Richard gave some great suggestions on how to save even more throughout the summer aside from the AC tips we previously wrote about in our blog Don’t Get Burned By Your AC.

Here is what Richard had to say:

“Many solar users could be or already are on TOU (TIME OF USE) billing programs.
For these programs, summer rates began on June 1st. These users have billing rates between 10pm and 8am that are 1/4 the peak daytime rate. (12cents vs 48cents per kwHr). Of course our solar systems generate power during the high cost periods; a good deal!
So, your customers can cut the cost of their dish washing, clothes washing/drying, etc. (to one quarter the cost) if they save these chores for after 10pm, or in my case, early in the morning before 8 am. Plus, run the AC before 6am to cool the house down on cheaper rates, then use the AC little or not at all during the peak hours.”

We would add that it is very important to always contact your utility company first before switching to time-of-use to find out if this is the right program for your household.

Thank you, Richard, for helping everyone make the most of their solar savings this summer.


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