Another Happy Sunpro Customer

Thank You Sunpro!
Thank You Sunpro!

“Thank you Jesse, Adam and Sunpro! My effective cost of energy in April was $61.00. That included charging my all electric car which I drive 70 miles daily round trip to work. That used to cost me $300.00 in gas. As you can see,  the choice is an easy one that also saves the planet!

Thanks I will have a much  better summer than years before!
Stephenie Sporcich
Current Sunpro Solar customer”
Thank you for the feedback Stephanie.  We are glad you are happy and we look forward to helping many more happy customers just like you.

Great Ideas From A Sunpro Customer

We recently received some great feedback from Richard, one of our customers who made the smart switch to solar in 2011.  Richard gave some great suggestions on how to save even more throughout the summer aside from the AC tips we previously wrote about in our blog Don’t Get Burned By Your AC.

Here is what Richard had to say:

“Many solar users could be or already are on TOU (TIME OF USE) billing programs.
For these programs, summer rates began on June 1st. These users have billing rates between 10pm and 8am that are 1/4 the peak daytime rate. (12cents vs 48cents per kwHr). Of course our solar systems generate power during the high cost periods; a good deal!
So, your customers can cut the cost of their dish washing, clothes washing/drying, etc. (to one quarter the cost) if they save these chores for after 10pm, or in my case, early in the morning before 8 am. Plus, run the AC before 6am to cool the house down on cheaper rates, then use the AC little or not at all during the peak hours.”

We would add that it is very important to always contact your utility company first before switching to time-of-use to find out if this is the right program for your household.

Thank you, Richard, for helping everyone make the most of their solar savings this summer.


Don’t Get Burned By Your AC This Summer

June is here so bring on the heat. Are you ready for the hot summer nights and even hotter blistering days? If you’re like us, we kinda like to keep cool with the AC blasting during those triple digit days.

So we are sending a friendly reminder for those of you who made the smart switch to solar: Don’t get burned by your AC this summer.

What do we mean? It is easy to think that now that your solar panels are up and running, you can use as much electricity as your heart desires and you will never hear about it from your electric company. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Remember that your solar system was sized to the amount of electricity you used on average. If you go crazy with your AC and run it more than you ever did before you went solar, you will most likely see some extra charges from your utility that month.

Always be sure to look at page 4 of your electric bill monthly. Only you are able to determine how much electricity you are consuming. This is a great way to keep track of where you stand all year long and not just on the month of your true up statement from the electric company.

Here are a few ideas to help you with your AC this summer:

  • Turn up the temperature a few degrees. You won’t really feel the difference, but your electricity use will drop. 78 degrees, or higher, is good to aim for. Every degree you go below 78, your energy use will go up 3-4%.
  • Fans help. Run a ceiling fan along with your AC, and you’ll feel cooler at higher temperatures. A fan takes 70 times less energy to run than an air conditioner.
  • When you head out to work, turn the AC temp up even higher to save energy while you’re gone. It takes less energy to cool your home down when you return than to keep it cool for hours while no one’s there.
  • Pulling shades to keep out the sun also helps.

We wish you a cool June filled with sun and fun.  Don’t forget to let your friends know how solar is helping you stay cool this summer.  Sunpro is ready to help!

The ABC’s of Photoelectric Solar Power History


ABC's of Solar
ABC’s of Solar

  Meet Willoughby Smith, a man with more hair in his mossy sideburns than most other men could claim from top to bottom. Smith was in charge of testing the transatlantic telegraph cables before their burial thousands of feet underneath the Atlantic Ocean. The electrical engineer tried to test the cables’ conductivity using selenium bars, which worked well at night and erratically during the day. Smith decided to find out why. In 1873, he wrote in a Nature publication that the electrical conductivity of the selenium roads increased when exposed to strong light.

Solar power is nothing new. The Lakota harnessed photosynthesis to grow Three Sisters gardens of corn, beans and squash. Ancient Greek urban planners oriented whole cities to maximize winter heat gain. The Roman Justinian code ensured that every citizen had “sun rights” for individual solar access through rooftop sunrooms and public spaces. More recently, however, the sun has been undervalued. Women tan. Kids burn ants. But the discovery of Willoughby Smith will change everything.

wilhoughby smith
Willoughby Smith

(Technically, French scientist Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect back in 1839, but Smith had superior sideburns). Most men, if given gold, would immediately purchase a box of chocolates and mark Valentine’s Day off their calendars. American inventor Charles Fritts was different. In 1883, he coated a selenium wafer with a layer of gold, exposed it to light, and wrote himself into history as the inventor of the first photoelectric cell. Unfortunately, it had a lackluster conversion efficiency of about one percent.

In 1905, Albert Einstein published a paper explaining the photoelectric effect. Being Einstein and all, he won the Nobel Prize for his work in 1921 and helped jumpstart 80 years of frantic innovation. NASA slapped photovoltaic cells on satellites. France built a solar furnace with an 8-story parabolic mirror. Australia invented the Quiet Achiever, the world’s first solar-powered car. Cities installed ever bigger photovoltaic solar factories, and scientists designed ever more efficient solar cells.

But the real breakthrough occurred in 2001, when three Home Depot stores in Southern California sold AstroPower photovoltaic panels. AstroPower, sadly, went bankrupt. Home Depot then partnered with BP Solar. That didn’t work out too well either, but that’s not the point.  For the first time, photovoltaic solar power is no longer just for NASA and top secret government labs.  The government getting behind solar and encouraging people to go solar by offering a 30% tax credit has definitely played a role in the massive number of people going solar.  When you grasp the idea that you no longer just have to put with the massive utility company’s arbitrary rate hikes who don’t answer to their customers but only to shareholders people take notice.  When you add availability plus opportunity magic happens. If you are ready to get your piece of the magic, (we can make your utility bill dissappear) then give us a call.  We’re Sunpro Solar, and we’re on the leading edge of solar history let’s write the next chapter together.  Call now for your free estimate and find out what is possible.


The New SunPower Equinox-Solar At Its Best

SunPower Equinox System

You don’t have to be a solar nerd to stand in awe and amazement at the genius of SunPower’s new Equinox system.  It is something to behold.  A pure spectacle of beauty and sophistication with cutting-edge technology.

So maybe I am a solar nerd after all, but for those of you who are in denial or just aren’t sure, let’s have a chat about what makes this solar system so incredible to the average Joe, like many of you.

The average American has some knowledge of solar.  They know the sun creates energy and solar panels turn it into electricity that can be used in their home.  They know their electric bill will go down and they will be happy.

Unfortunately, those same average Americans have usually skipped doing their solar homework before signing on the dotted line with the “other solar guys.”   When I ask them what panels are on their roof, they usually have no idea.  When I ask them what type of warranty they have, they scratch their heads.  Then, when I ask them about monitoring and installation, they begin to tremble in fear.

I have to admit that I find no pleasure in bringing to light these important factors to the desperate souls who signed without proper solar knowledge (well maybe just a little).  I especially feel for them when I explain the incredible Equinox system from SunPower. It is at that point that I prepare for crying, weeping, wailing, and even fainting.

You see, the bold truth is that the new Equinox system is something far beyond the reach of what any other conventional solar system can offer, and facts don’t lie.

So here are a few facts to get you started on your Equinox journey.

  • The Equinox system will deliver 70% more energy with 70% fewer parts.  That means it works better and looks better.
  • Each panel has its own pre-integrated microinverter and can be installed 2.5 times faster than a traditional system.  That means less time on your roof.
  • All major components have been designed and engineered by SunPower.  This means that you will have ONE company to work with for the life of your system. This is HUGE.
  • Rated as “industry-best aesthetics.”  This means if you didn’t like the way the conventional panels looked, you will be thrilled with how awesome these look on your roof. No conduit running across your roof or mounting racks hanging out from the sides of your panels. Just a clean and fresh appearance.
  • New Smart Energy management device!  This is my favorite.  This shoe-boxed size device tracks not only what your system is producing, but what how much electricity you are consuming.  I can’t get over how great this is going to be for homeowners.
  • Boasts a 25 year power AND product warranty.  Don’t be fooled by what the “other guys” say about their warranties.  (I suggest you read their extra fine print.)

As you can see, I’m super excited about the new Equinox.  But don’t worry.  At first I was a little skeptical myself, wondering if a system like this could actually exist.  But just as I have suggested to all of you, I did my own solar homework.

I recently attended a SunPower Equinox Roadshow and I saw for myself.  I looked at the panels and the hardware up close and personal. I observed a mock installation and saw first-hand how flawless the solar array looked on the roof.  For a brief moment, I felt like a kid at Disneyland for the first time.  Well, something like that.

If you’re like me and prefer to see the facts for yourself, then take a look at this article written by  Better yet, take a minute or two and visit the SunPower website to watch a short video about the Equinox system.

The good news is that you will no longer be the average Joe when it comes to solar.  The better news is that you will demand better solar. The best news is that you will be able to get the better solar you demand with Sunpro*.


*Sunpro Solar is an Elite SunPower Dealer








Sunpro Supports Women In Solar Initiative

GRID Women's Build
GRID Alternatives Women’s Build




Girl Power!
Girl Power!

Sunpro Solar is excited to once again partner with GRID Alternatives, a non-profit organization that helps provide solar to low-income families, and participate in the IE Women’s Build.  This historic solar installation will take place on Saturday, May 7th in the city of Perris, CA.  What makes this installation so special is that the installation will be completed entirely by women, from the drilling on the roof to the electrical wiring.  Sunpro Solar has been a strong supporter of the Women in Solar Initiative from the start and we look forward to another successful installation.  If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact us for further details.  As my daughter says, “Girl Power!”


PRESS RELEASE: Sunpro to host 2nd Annual Disabilities Awareness Night

Special Needs Bike Giveaway!
Special Needs Bike Giveaway!


RE: Disabilities Awareness Night and Special Needs Tricycle Giveaway on Saturday, June 11th, 2016 at the Lake Elsinore Storm Stadium


Wildomar, CA – Sunpro Solar, Tiffany’s Gift, and Lake Elsinore Storm Baseball are pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Disabilities Awareness Night on Saturday, June 11th, 2016 at 6:00 pm at the Lake Elsinore Storm Stadium. Last year, we were able to give away two special needs children’s trikes in our Bike Giveaway Contest while bringing awareness to the community about various disabilities. Disabilities such as cerebral palsy, down’s syndrome, autism, and many more are often misunderstood and affect many of our loved ones. This year we will be giving away 3 special needs trikes to any child who enters the contest on or before June 3rd.

Please help us spread the word about this incredible event and join us for an amazing night.


Email the following info to Kasey at

1. Your name and contact info

2. Your child’s name and age

3. A brief description of why your child would benefit from a trike

*Email must be received by June 3rd, 2016

*If you belong to a special needs/disability group that would like info on a free concourse table please contact Emily Padilla for more information.

*If you are a business that would like to help sponsor a special needs bike please contact Emily Padilla.

#MillionSolarStrong on May 3rd, 2016


We are a #MillionSolarStrong!

Together we have reached an awesome milestone. We now have more than one million solar installations powering our country. A MILLION!
This historic moment was made possible by the hard work of so many, and so we’re teaming up with an equally mighty group of solar-supporting organizations from across the country to show that we are a #MillionSolarStrong. We hope you’ll help us celebrate:
Join the Thunderclap, which will send a unified #MillionSolarStrong message from the social media channels of your choosing on May 3rd. This is a really cool and easy way to help build a massive wave of solar awareness online.
Share your own solar strong story any time by posting photos, videos and messages of solar support with the#MillionSolarStrong hashtag.
Those are just a couple ideas, but there’s no shortage of ways to celebrate the fact that we are now a #MillionSolarStrong. Write an op-ed for your local paper. Email your elected officials. Hold an event or party. Call mom. Spread the good solar word in any way that works for you!
This sunny milestone is worth celebrating for so many reasons. It means that affordable, reliable solar is a meaningful part of our energy mix … not tomorrow, not in the distant future, but today. It is a sign of all that’s possible with American innovation and ingenuity. It is creating hundreds of thousands of local jobs. It is building more resilient communities and putting consumers in charge of our own energy destiny. It is giving us cleaner air to breathe and hope in the fight against climate change. It is a really, really big deal.
And we are still just getting started. It took our country 40 years to install a million solar energy systems, but at the rate we’re growing it will take us only a couple more years to reach our second million. Huge thanks again for being part of solar history. Let’s keep it up!


The beauty of the earth
The beauty of the earth

It’s here! Today is the day.  The one and only day of the year that many people around the world may or may not notice.  The day set aside for global citizens to take a look around them to see the damage we have done, or maybe they won’t.  They question is, “Will you?”  You see, today is Earth Day. So I would ask you again, “Will this day matter to you?”

Environmentalists and scientists have spent the past four decades trying to get us to start paying attention.  They have used common sense information and scare tactics in hopes that the community will take notice.  Sometimes we have, but I would venture to say that in most cases, we have not.  However, I don’t believe it’s because we don’t truly care, I tend to think it is because life gets in the way.

When I was in college, I took an Oceanography course.  I spent many hours at Beach Clean-Up events to earn extra credit.  Twenty years ago, after witnessing the mess we were making in our oceans, I promised myself that I would always do my part and that I would participate in ocean clean-ups all year long.  Fast forward those twenty years and I regret to tell you that I didn’t keep my promise.  Work, kids, and more kids became my center of influence and I slowly but surely forgot my promise to the ocean.  

Does this story sound familiar to you? I believe that most of us really do care about the environment, but our daily schedules, routines and habits take our thoughts elsewhere and leave a sparse few to do the work; the work that is so crucial for our future.  I posed  the question, “Will this day matter to you?”  Although the question is simplistic in thought, it is filled with a much more emotional foundation.  So I suppose I will rephrase and not ask the “will,” but better yet, the “why.”

God's green earth
God’s green earth

Why will Earth Day matter to you?  

Will it matter because you want your children to live a healthy and happy life?  Will it matter because of your grandchildren?  Will it matter because when you actually do take the time to go on that morning hike, you would like to breathe fresh air?  Will it matter because that one day a week that you greet the sun and run on the sand, you would like to see an ocean with less trash? Will it matter because it hurts your heart to think about the animals that suffer from our mistakes?  

Why will Earth Day matter to you, not just today, but always?  Are you willing to make the “why” a reason to change?

I challenge you to find your “why.”  Find your reason to change old habits that may be hurting the Earth.  Find your reason to try a little harder to think about the small differences you can make in your daily routines to do your part.

Most of all, I challenge you to remember that this Earth is a gift. It was not given to destroy or abuse, but to care for as we coexist with all of God’s creations.  I challenge you to care, and as you do, as we all do, I hope that our “whys” become enough to make it matter.  



Free Dinner and Workshop
Free Dinner and Top Secret Seminar


Join us for a FREE dinner at Applebee’s in Murrieta and find out the truth about what your electric company doesn’t want you to know. We have all the latest news on the changes you can expect to see on your electric bill. You won’t want to miss this great educational event. We have the answers to your questions.



DATE: Wednesday, APRIL 27th, 2016

TIME: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

LOCATION: APPLEBEE’S, 24872 Madison Ave. in Murrieta

$25 door prize for pre-registering.  To pre-register, call 951.678.7733 or find our event on

Didn’t pre-register? No problem. All are welcome!